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To promote and transmit the art and joy of opera opera through quality musical programs to the community, fostering the interaction of different social agents, synergy with diverse art forms, and the creation of informational platforms of national and international scope, and to offer personalized services in the comprehensive formation of operatic artists towards the development or their artistic and professional careers through a creative exchange space in which artists at different stages of their careers collaborate, where young artists hone their craft in a supportive environment, and where artists and audience inspire each other.

Leading international organization devoted to the training and promotion of opera singers, empowering them towards their professional and artistic development, with the aim to further opera as a universal artistic expression.

  • We value excellence, creating and developing quality programs.
  • We value education. It is the foundation for a lifetime of growth.
  • We value diversity and respecting the uniqueness of each artist and the organizations we serve.
  • We value the power of communication because it is the vehicle for change.
  • We value integrity and honesty.
  • We value people and the strength of emotions and human interactions.
  • We value dreams, because they are the first step on the journey to success.

Our organization represents a synthesis of different disciplines. Two of our founding board members have ample experience in opera as performers, musicians, and producers, while the other two have a strong background in management, organizational development and psychoanalysis, among other disciplines. The opera Atelier was born out of the synergy generated by this meeting of minds across many disciplines in an indefatigable pursuit of excellence.

We have been involved in teaching for many years in a variety of settings and subjects, from the private studio to the University level. Passionate about music, opera, the stage, and human development, we see ourselves not only as facilitators of the transition between the vocal studio and the professional career, but as facilitators of the comprehensive development of the artists we work with.

Opera singers, in order to be successful, need to master an ample variety of skills. We saw the need for a new type of alternative comprehensive training that encompasses those different skills in a practical way, after the model of the Renaissance atelier. This translates into a safe, nurturing non-restrictive learning environment that allows for demonstration, practice, try-out, self-correction and immediate feedback. The artists are assigned progressively more demanding tasks, with professional support and guidance in a no-nonsense, hands-on approach. Skills develop naturally in a rich environment that provides stimulation for growth, and allows for intellectual and artistic dialogue to take place within an interactive creative space. Through our extensive work with singers in different capacities, (as performers, teachers, coaches, agents, etc) we came to realize that the work of the singer goes beyond the technical aspects, as they must often surmount emotional and psychological obstacles that block their path and impede their progress. Through the insight of our learned colleagues on the board, and thanks to their vision and expertise, we were able to assemble a multidisciplinary team with strengths in vocal performance, acting, musical preparation, modern languages, diction, stage direction, set design and visual arts, and extending to such disciplines as artist management, psychoanalysis, anthropology, literature, pedagogy, mathematics, philosophy, organizational development, management, and law. In parallel to the synergy at the basis of our organization, we see opera as a complex, synthetic art form rooted in the humanistic tradition, to be preserved for the coming generations. We come into a rich tradition of great social value, and the artists who master it may and should later make a contribution to its development.

The history of our organization begins in New York City in 2005, when we started to train singers in learning, performing, and mastering complete opera roles. We presented public performances of Aida, Carmen, l’Elisir d’amore, and Tosca. In 2010 we began training singers in Miami and in 2012 we started presenting public performances in this beatiful city. We began our season with a series of workshops culminating with various public performances of Great Opera Moments at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, South Miami Dade Cultural and Arts Center, among other theatres. We continue the season with performances of Lucia di Lammermoor as part of our Comprehensive Opera Role Preparation Program and Great Opera Moments Series performance at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.
Our goals include providing diverse South Florida communities with presentations of high artistic quality, a creative exchange space where artists at different stages of their careers collaborate, where young artists hone their craft in a collegiate environment, and where artists and opera lovers draw inspiration from one another.