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Learning to sing in La -la Land

Fear not! The future of opera seems virtually secured. There is no shortage of people who want to sing today. Besides, many parents insist that their children  have singing lessons- even If they show no musical gift whatsoever or could not care less about singing. Yet, parents will spare… Continue Reading →


By Violetta Malatesta, guest blogger   I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of all the fuss about Ancient Greece. You almost cannot open a book- not that I read that much- or watch a video… Continue Reading →

¿Era acaso arrogante la Callas?

“La música es tan grande que cuanto uno más aprende, más se da cuenta de lo poco que sabe. Somos intérpretes, no genios; servimos a la música. Maria Callas Era acaso arrogante la Callas? ¿O estaba justificada en afirmar que… Continue Reading →

Diva meets Manager

At  19, after studying with Elvira de Hidalgo for about three years, Callas had already made important role debuts in Greece and was well on her way to becoming a great artist. She concentrated on her studies and attended many lessons… Continue Reading →

Cuando reinaba el sonido

Durante una de nuestras estimulantes conversaciones, Jacqueline Solórzano me comentaba  que algo de la inefable cualidad de las grabaciones de los años 20, 30 y 40 provenía  del predominio del sonido sobre lo visual en la música, tan característico de esa… Continue Reading →

Elegance in Cuban Lyric singing

  I am pleased to share this moment of the zarzuela Cecilia Valdés in the unforgettable voices of Alba Marina and Armando Pico, exponents of a period when Cuban lyrical singing combined elegance, musicality, expressive phrasing and inspiration, under the aegis… Continue Reading →

La Elegancia en la Lírica Cubana

  Me complace compartir este momento de la zarzuela Cecilia Valdés a través del arte  inolvidable de Alba Marina y Armando Pico, representantes de una época en la cual el canto lírico cubano conjugaba la elegancia, la musicalidad, el fraseo expresivo y la… Continue Reading →

When Sound was King

    During one of our animated conversations, Jacqueline Solórzano made the brilliant point that some of the ineffable, magical quality of the recordings of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s comes from the preeminence of sound over sight in music,… Continue Reading →

Classical Music Interpretation: Musician or Metronome?

Classical Music Interpretation: Musician or Metronome? In his insightful article Conductor or Automaton Scott Cantrell refers to performances led by young American conductors that “lack direction” and “do not let the music breath”. The notes are there, the music is not. And that is… Continue Reading →

Conductor or automaton? The machining of American orchestra conductors, by Scott Cantrell from The Dallas News

Here is the link to this insightful article by Scott Cantrell, music critc from The Dallas News. Enjoy: http://www.dallasnews.com/entertainment/columnists/scott-cantrell/20140510-conductor-or-automaton-the-machining-of-american-orchestra-conductors.ece

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