Daniel Daroca

Daniel Daroca
career consultant

The Panic
Imagine: You are a concert pianist; you sit down at the piano; the orchestra begins to play and it is the wrong concerto! That happened to Maria Joao Pires in  rehearsal with the Concertgebouw.  At first: disbelief, panic, frustration! And then, the miracle happens:  after collecting herself, she plays it! That is Total preparation!!!!

The Lesson for Performers? to regularly review the repertory to have it always ready.  Aaron Rosand credits his career to being “ready to play 25 concertos at a moment’s notice.”  Schuman-Heink got her big brake at the Hamburg Opera when a colleague fell out of favor with the management. She sang Carmen without rehearsal! Great careers have been started by jumping in, when the artist has been ready. Do you know any such story? Are you  prepared? How are you preparing?

Panic at the Symphony: Watch it here!


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