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This is a comprehensive four week program that provides participants with the tools needed to prepare for professional level auditions through comprehensive training that includes technical, musical, stylistic, diction, psychological role preparation and elements of artistic representation, among others.

Comprehensive Audition Preparation Program for Professional Opera Singers


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* Advanced singers, recent college graduates or young artists level singers ready to embark on a professional career.

* Artists must be 18 or older to apply.

* Individual practice time required.

Citizens of the United States of America and Canada are eligible to audition.

Foreign applicants must show proof of residency as students, workers, guest artists, legal residents or holders of any other valid visa, or proof of Canadian Citizenship.


DURATION: 30 hours, 3-4 weeks.


TUITION: $2000.00 per participant.

WORK LANGUAGES WILL BE: Primarily English, Spanish. Other possible work languages are: Italian and French.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships may be available when there are funds available in The Opera Atelier Scholarship Fund. Partial scholarships, based on a funding availability basis, are granted at the discretion of the Board and are based on talent, commitment and needs. Generally, students will not be considered for scholarships at initial admission but only after a minimum of six months of study. To apply send us an e-mail to:

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