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Roles mastered are essential strategic vehicles for serious singers
to advance their careers in the world of opera

Mastering the essential roles of the repertory makes the singer’s learning objective, and empowers artists to pursue their professional goals in the opera field.

Our work facilitates the transition between the vocal studio and the professional stage.

To provide practical comprehensive training to opera singers through the in-depth study and performance of complete roles from the standard operatic repertoire.

This Summer and Fall we are offering special project: Bastien und Bastienne, to introduce young singers to the world of opera.


  • Bastien (young tenor)
  • Bastienne (young soprano)
  • Colas (young bass, bariton)


  • learning the roles
  • musically accurate and artistically satisfying renditions
  • correct and clear diction
  • paraphrase and word by word translation
  • declamation
  • convincing characterizations
  • stylistic conventions and traditions
  • logical staging
  • relationship between music and text
  • artistic expression and musical eloquence
  • combining music and movements


  • Audition and initial interview
  • Ability to memorize music and text quickly
  • Time commitment
  • Individual practice time required


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ADMISSIONS & REGISTRATION: An initial assessment is required. Applicants will be notified of the results by email to enter the program.

START DATE: As arranged, after assessment and registration, in around June 10, 2016. A work calendar will be given.

LOCATION: Coachings, rehearsals and master classes imparted at colleges facilities and/or private studios of The Opera Atelier in Miami, FL.


$1980 per participant to be paid by May 05, 2016.

Duration 30 hours aproximately, over three month, mainly on weekends.

Partial scholarships may be available to qualified applicants.
Scholarships can cover up to 20% of total program cost.
To apply send us an e-mail explaining why you are applying at

Artists must be 12 years old or older to apply.

All singers must display a technical level commensurate with the role sought. Ability to memorize music and text quickly, time commitment, individual practice time required. Note that vocal technique is outside the scope of this program. Our work will focus on facilitating artistically convincing renditions of the characters portrayed through singing and acting; coaching will thus concentrate on musical and artistic issues.

Since the course moves at a fast pace, ability to learn quickly and to memorize music and text effectively is required to participate. The final staged performance, if applicable, will be from memory. All text and music must be memorized before the rehearsal period. On average, artists should be able to devote the necessary time a week outside course time to learning the music and working on their own. A professional attitude, high level of responsibility and work ethics is expected of all participants.

Successful participants in the Comprehensive Opera Role Preparation Program will be considered for The Opera Atelier’s Great Opera Moments and full opera performances. Prior audition required.

Visit our Youtube Channel to watch our Great Opera Moments Performances.

WORK LANGUAGES WILL BE: Primarily English, Spanish. Other possible work languages ares: Italian, German and French.


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Rene Schalk and dancers Yndira Marrero Carlos Jimeno
Megan Barrera & Roberto García Claudia Giugni Guiselle Elgarresta Rios